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Events in Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin

In February 2018 Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin holds the Festival of foreign students, including several events, such as:

- University elocution contest for foreign students "Study eloquence" (27.02.2018).

- University and interuniversity Olympiads in the Russian language.

- "My beloved Motherland" – an evening of virtual travel through Turkmenistan (27.02.2018).

- "Together we are a team!"  sport competition among combined team of foreign students living in hostels (21.02.2018).

- Chess and checkers competition and University championship in arm wrestling (19.02.2018).

- Cooking contest "Masters of taste" (20.02.2018, hostel No. 4).

- "Who wants to be a millionaire" – interuniversity game about Turkmenistan (20.02.2018).

-  "What do you know about Belarus?" – teams of hostel quiz (21.02.2018, hostel No. 2).

- Brain-ring "Belarus is my new home!" (21.02.2018).

-  Photography exhibition "Welcome to Turkmenistan" (21.02.2018).

- Virtual quest to the Brest Fortress (24.02.2018).

- Multimedia presentations contest "Get to know my country" (27.02.2018).